10 Days To … Become A Respected Leader

If you want to grow your business, you will eventually need staff, and staff can either be your best asset … or your worst nightmare!

In this guide, we don’t want to teach you to be a manager … a manager oversees everything which goes on in your business. No, this course is just about developing you as a leader of people.

Employing staff can be heaven or hell, and as a leader it really is your choice to make! Let us show you how to be a respected leader who people voluntarily want to do their best work for.

How Can This Course Help Me?

This course has been designed to show you the path towards becoming a truly great leader, but what do we mean by that?

Leadership is a real skill, and one which all the best leaders have been taught (and be in no doubt the vast majority of leaders have been taught how to be an awesome leader; few people have it as a natural skill.)

But did you know there are so many different styles of leadership, some of which are awesome and will lead to seriously dedicated, committed staff, and some which are terrible and will lead to resentment, no loyalty and high staff turnover.

We want to help you be the best leader of people you can possibly be, but this course will ask you to do a lot of honest soul searching, and, by the end of this course, you may well come to realise the problem lies with your leadership skills and not the staff at all.

We want to help you lead a great team to success, using their talents for the betterment of your business. 

What’s In The Course?

Day 1 - Introduction to Leadership

In Day 1 we will start by looking at the bosses from your own history, both the great bosses who made you want to come to work in the mornings, and the not so good ones who made you dread getting out of bed.

We will also look at why you should employ people at all, and finally we will investigate why there are so many ineffective leaders in the workplace. I mean, why are some people promoted in the first place when they surely were not the best person for the job?

We’ll look at those reasons why people are promoted here, as well as why so many of those same people suck at their jobs.

Day 2 - What is a Leader?

So many people think a leader is someone who leaps into a burning building to save a puppy, or is someone who constantly makes the right decisions and is somewhat of a super-hero, but leadership isn’t about that at all. The first one is courage (not leadership) and the second one is impossible!

This course is all about being a leader of people, all of whom have free will and their own agendas when they go into work. It’s up to you to set their agendas while they are work, and work with who they truly are to get the best out of them.

So, in Day 2 we look at what a leader really is and what being a great leader means to your business.

Day 3 - Leadership Styles

Day 3 walks you through the various leadership styles, both good and bad, and the personality traits of each style of leadership.

Some styles you will hate, others you will recognise yourself in and others you will look at and say … “that’s the kind of boss I want to be!”

And the great news is you can be any style of leader you want to be!

It is, of course, perfectly likely you’ll be a mix of 2 or 3 different styles of leader, but today will start to guide you towards the kind of leader you were born to be!

Days 4 & 5 - The Qualities of a Great Leader

What personality traits does a great leader need to possess and display? What skills should a leader pack in their personality arsenal?

With leadership styles being so diverse, over the next 2 days we will look at dozens of tips on how you, as leader, should behave, and the personality traits you should adopt.

As always, you probably won’t be able to adopt them all and many you will naturally have already, but these next 2 days will help you develop yourself from the inside out!

Day 6 - Keeping People Motivated

What makes people want to come to work for you in the morning? Why would people want to give up their most valuable asset, their time, to help you in your business?

Is it just the pay? The conditions? The holidays? Or are there other reasons why they come to work for you, like the camaraderie, the satisfaction of a job well done, the teamwork, the feeling of helping others?

Knowing what motivates your staff to act the way they do towards your business will help you be a much better boss and create a stronger, more loyal team by tapping into those thoughts and feelings and magnifying them!

Day 7 - Communication

As the mighty Dale Carnegie said … “90% of all management problems are caused by miscommunication.”

And never has a truer word been spoken.

Poor communication leads to the breakdown of marriages, a huge amount of business mistakes and even business failures, so on Day 7 we want to help you communicate more effectively with your staff, be it in written, verbal or in body language form, to communicate your message more effectively.

Whether it’s job sheets, disciplinaries or customer communications, getting your message across and learning to listen will dramtically change your business.

Day 8 - Building Your Team & Delegation

So you’re stacked with work, your order books are full, and there simply isn’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Sound familar?

It’s all very well saying you need a team, but how do you know you need a team? What jobs should be given to the team to do and what jobs should you still be doing yourself?

This is what we will go through on Day 8!


Day 9 - Conflict Management

When we talk about “conflict management” in a business setting, we are not talking about fisticuffs or duels at dawn.

In a business setting “conflict management” simply refers to any time when 2 or more people have a disagreement which needs sorting out to avoid a negative effect on your business, like reduced productivity, reduced quality of customer service, and so on.

We will help you handle these situations calmly and professionally, and there are dozens of tips which will help you deal with any minor issues before they become major issues!

Day 10 - Conclusion & The Taj Mahal Story

On Day 10 we bring the course to a close.

We’ll not only give you a conclusion to the course but we’ll also give you an incredible case study commissioned by The Harvard Business Review into the Taj Mahal terrorist attack in 2008, during which the staff, from the very top to the very bottom, did everything they could to look after their guestes under horrendous circumstances.

This study looks at all the reasons why the staff acted so loyally to the business, and how you can learn so much from the case study and generate incredible loyalty from your staff too.

Leadership skills are arguably the most important skills you need as a business owner because staff really can make you, or break you. Because we are all born with free will, it’s your job as a leader to ensure your staff willingly channel that free will into improving your business.


Paul Baker

Business Super Heroes

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10 Days To ... Become A Respected Leader
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