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Pricing For Profit (Not Poverty)

Pricing is the biggest contributing factor to your profits. This course contains everything you need to know to figure out how you can make some serious extra profit in your business by correctly using your pricing.

Way too many small businesses are charging nowhere near what they should be charging for their services and this is costing them dearly, not just in terms of profit but in terms of the life they could be leading too.

How Can This Course Help Me?

If you price your services too high, you might scare away lots of “financially challenged” prospects, but you will likely attract better quality customers. If you set your prices too low, you might be decreasing your brand’s perceived value in the eyes of your target market AND leaving money on the table; that’s money with your name on it. Then there’s all those different strategies you could implement. Payment plans, pricing levels, sales promotions, etc. Oh yes, my friend, the list of pricing options is very long indeed!

Pricing is one of the hardest elements you will ever have to work through in your business, and hundreds of businesses go bust every day because they are not pricing accurately … in other words they have gone bust because they have not been “Pricing for Profit.”

What’s In The Course?

Module 1 - Introduction & The Dangers Of Low Prices

From the word go we want you to start thinking about the prices you are charging and the exercise at the end of the introduction will show you how you, yourself, buy what you want and how small a cog price is in the decision making wheel.

We will also look at the dangers of pricing your services low and we’ll give you some great news if you provide quality goods or services with regards to your pricing.

Module 2 - Your Customers & Competition

In this section we will look at the importance of pricing to your target customer. After all, you will never sell Porches to the poorer areas, or cheap clothes to the more affluent, so you MUST have a target market to sell to. We will also look at how each section of the population view price, so if you are having no luck selling your services to your prospects, are you targeting the right prospects in the first place? We will also help you create your target market profile in the exercise at the end of the module.

In the second part of this module we will look at your competitors, how much they are charging and why you MUST stand on your own two feet and ensure you are Pricing For Profit. We will also give you some startling statistics to show you why most of your competitors are wrong … about everything!

Module 3 - Providing Value & Positioning

In Module 3 we will go through what your customers really want from a transaction with you … and that is the best value possible, NOT the cheapest price. But what is value and how can you add more of it to enable you to raise your prices …? We’ll go through everything in Module 3.

Another important aspect of pricing your services is positioning … this is where you place yourself and your services in relation to your competitors. It’s a bit like Rolex and Casio. Microsoft and Apple. Cheap chocolate bars for cooking vs luxury boxes for real chocolate lovers!

Module 4 - Pricing Your Goods Or Services

In Module 4 we look at several specific pricing startegies which you should consider suing, as wellas one which you definately shouldn’t touch. We give you many more strategies in your control panel as a free download.

We hope as you go through this course you will feel emboldened to raise your prices to make more scrummy profit in your business, and in this module we will show you how to raise your prices without losing your best customers.

Module 5 - Conclusion & Making The Change

In Module 5 we sum up everything you have been through in the course, highlight the areas you may need to work on and walk you through making the changes you need to implement into your business to ensure you really are Pricing For Profit, Not Poverty.

When I started in business I thought I had to offer the cheapest services or I’ll never get any customers and go broke. Unfortunately that attitude made me go bust.

There are so many elements which make up every buying decision that price is really just the tiniest cog in the decision making process, and once I learned to add a ton of VALUE to my services, I could raise my prices and make more profit, and that, my friend, is what I am in business for.

Paul Baker

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Pricing For Profit (Not Poverty)
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