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Business Coaches – Work Smarter Not Harder With Our “Done For You” Courses

Save Time and Money With Our High Quality, White Label, “Brand As Your Own” PLR Business Courses

Save time – Don’t waste your most precious asset, your time, doing what has been done a thousand times before when it has been done for you.

Save money – these courses have taken us thousands of hours to create and at even a modest £50 an hour buying these courses instead of doing it all yourself will save you thousands, leaving you to get on and do what you do best … coach.

“My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”

Steve Job (RIP)

Our extremly high quality Business PLR is different from those rubbish 30 page PDF’s you get which are just full of tosh and nonsense and just doesn’t make sense.

Every course goes into each subject matter deeply and thoroughly and is ready for you to brand as your own. Simply add a few stories of your own, format it as you wish or add a few images and you have courses which you can teach or sell as your own!

I went bust in 2008 in my own flooring business so I went on courses all over the world in all aspects of business. I took copious notes and spent all day, every day with my head in the best business books ever written, learning as much as I can.

A couple of years later a friend who was struggling asked to borrow the notes I had made so I tidied them up and made up some exercises for him – my first course was created!

Now my flooring business is thriving and these courses have expanded beyond all recognition and now I want you, my fellow business coaches, to help other businesses be prosperous, succesful and profitable.

Paul Baker, Content Creator

Client Testimonials

After a career change BSH helped me to adjust to my new business.”

Mike Ely, China Detectives

My first business failed costing me a small fortune … I wasn’t going to make the same mistake second time around …

Sean Connolly SMC Maintenance


Anthony had his own business before he joined HM Forces, but he found so much had changed when he came out, so he asked us for help!

Anthony Woodward

Woodward Woodworks

“I really appreciated the concise and clear directions in these easy to follow courses and I kept wanting to turn the pages for more and more insights. Very helpful to anyone in business.”

Clifford Johnson

Owner, PC's Made Simple

“Interesting reading with a heap of insights that all businesses, both new and established, should learn or refresh.”

Lucy Reynolds

“Having had the chance to read your guides I can honestly say I think you have done a top job here. Every person who is contemplating taking that first step into the unknown should get hold of your guides. The business community needs help like this.

Peter Hopper

Owner, Write4U

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