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10 Days To … Launch Your New Business

This unique, high intensity course has been designed to give your new business the best chance of success because it gives you all the information and tools you need to get your business right from the start.

Let The Business Super Heroes help you start and grow your new business to mega-success.

How Can This Course Help Me?

The Business Super Heroes has written this unique 10 Day To … Launch Your New Business course to help ensure your new business venture not only goes from strength to strength but lasts the test of time.

1 in 5 businesses will go bust within a year, and 3 in 5 will go bust within 5 years. We don’t want you to be one of those statistics.

As always we will be brutally honest with you so we’re not gonna BS you, ever. If we do spout rubbish to you your business will fail. So we’re going to be honest, starting now … it’s gonna take a heck of a lot of hard work for you to make your business work.

Starting a business isn’t easy … and it shouldn’t be either. If making lots of money was easy, everyone would be doing it, but because it’s not easy we want to help you make a success of your business.

In this course we will cover everything you need to know to make your business a real success, from the basics of sales and marketing, to finances, to the most important element of your business – profit.

This course covers everything we wished we had known when we started out in business all those years ago. 

What’s In The Course?

Day One - About You

As you work your way through this course we will dispel dozens of myths which we business owners have been fed over the decades, as well as looking at the qualities YOU need to make a real go of your new business.

We will also look at your mindset. Is your head in the right place to live a great life from the proceeds of your business? Are you profit minded or, like so many other new business owners, do you actually want to give away your products or services for virtually nothing and live like a pauper?

This is quite possibly the most important day in the whole course because YOU are the most important person in your business!

Day Two - Have You Got A Business At All?

So many new business owners start a new business from the wrong place; they sell something they want to sell then they wonder why they’re skint and the business fails!

In Day Two we will go through why that is totally the wrong approach to take when starting a new business.  In short we will tell you why the world doesn’t give a rats butt about what you want.

There’s no point in trying to sell a product or service no-one will ever buy!

We’ll give you a simple 4 step program to see if your business is actually a go-er … or not.

Day Three - Your Business Finances

Yeah, yeah I get it … Profit and Loss, balance sheets and Cash Flow is all so totally boring and lame, but your business success is in the numbers you produce NOT in the number of customers you serve or the number of years you have been in business.

This is why the “Dragons” on “Dragons Den” are only ever only interested in the idea itself but are far more obsessed and focused on the numbers.

Your business numbers are the #1 measure of your success, so knowing them inside and out is VITAL. We’ll give you an overview of what you need to know and why it’s all so important to running a successful business.

Day Four - Running A Business

So, what do you need in place to run a super-slick business? How are things going to run on a day to day basis? What do you need to put in place to hit the ground running?

In Day Four we will help you put those steps in place which are needed for the day-to-day running of your business.

Day Five - Pricing For Profit

Why do so many SME business owners charge so little for their services?

It’s often because they’re embarrassed by their prices, or because they use the DREADFUL cost-plus pricing method (where costs plus profit = the price you charge.) 

Many SME business owners are even afraid to put their hand out and ask for the money even after they have done the work!

The amount you charge for your services is the #1 way you’ll make great profit in your business, but to charge a decent amount of money for your services you have to offer something different, something extra. 

You need to offer something more which will enable you to charge more for your services. You have to offer VALUE.

Give people a reason to pay more for your services and they will pay more. We’ll show you how to give people a lot more reasons to accept your higher prices!

Day Six - Your Customers

Most marketing companies will tell you they can get you lots more customers tomorrow, and so could we! We could get you 1000 new customers within 2 days!

But you don’t just want any customer … there’s no point in aiming for customers who won’t pay you decent money for your services or will be a pain in the butt.

Getting to know your customers, and targeting the right customers in the first place, is essential to getting more quality sales. 

What happens if you get lots of wrong customers? Will they make you rich?  Who is your perfect customer? What do they look like and where are they?

We’ll help you get to know your target customer very well indeed.

Day Seven - Your Competitors

Here’s another myth about owning a business … so many new businesses build their own business based on what other businesses in the same profession are doing … but this is totally the WRONG way to do things!

Why? If  you are saying and doing exactly the same as every other business in your trade or profession, why would anyone choose YOU over them?

You DO NOT want to copy most other businesses … and we will show you some startling facts to prove that too! It won’t be easy standing on your own from the very start, but you do need to stand out and get noticed.

Let us help you do just that.

Day Eight - Marketing & Copywriting

Now you know what customers you want to attract and what your competition are saying, you are in the perfect position to create marketing materials which will get noticed.

If you don’t create marketing materials which gets noticed, it’s just a waste of your time and money because all your hard work will end up in the bin.

We will also show you how to use the power of words to write killer copy which will sell sell sell,  NOT make your customers yawn yawn yawn.

Day Nine - Sales

Your business is nothing without sales, but getting quality sales (and selling for a decent profit) is an art form! Luckily, though, it is a totally learnable art form.

You have to face up to facts … people DO NOT want to give you their money, but if you learn a host of skills and sell ethically and honestly you can still sell for a great profit.

We go through some of the greatest selling tips and tricks, all ethically sound, to ensure your customer loves you and pays you what you ask!


Day Ten - Branding & Conclusion

With the advent of home computers, doing a pretty decent job of branding your SME business is nowhere near as difficult as it used to be, but be in no doubt branding is NOT something you can afford to ignore these days.

With competition hotting up in almost every sector, you MUST stand out and present a consistent image across all of your marketing platforms … branding is no longer a subject which can be ignored, and the sooner you start to put your branding strategy in place the better!


With this course, not only do you get all the knowledge to grow your business, we will even help you with your initial marketing and setting up your office too!

Marketing – we give you examples of lots of great marketing you could emulate in your business, for example a “Beware of the Scams” sheet (to show your professionism,) an example sales letter for you to send to your strategic alliances, our incredible referal system which increased referrals by over 300%, example postcard ads, newsletter templates and so much more!

All of this incredible marketing has been adapted and used by 1000’s of businesses like yours as a start of their business journey. It’s worked well for them and it will work well for you too.

Office – In this free additional folder you will receive an example checklist form to confirm to your customers of your high standards, I Miss You letters, Thank You For The Business letters, telephone pads, an example quotation form, and so much more!

All this has been designed to help you start to run your business on a firm footing.

The Business Super Heroes Say …

If I had this course when I started out in business in the early noughties I wouldn’t have had to ensure the humiliation and heartache of taking my business through insolvency within just a few years of opening my business. I seriously wish I had this course to steer me right. Please don’t make the mistakes I made, which left me with nearly a decade of paying back my business debts.

Let this course be your guide to avoid heartache.

Paul Baker

Business Super Heroes

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