Sean’s Journey With The Business Super Heroes

Sean Connolly from SMC Maintenance in Poole started his home maintenance and repair business after years as a security guard in a local shop. He joined our Academy program a year later after trying to do it all alone.

Here’s what he said … 

“When I started I quickly found out I didn’t know the first thing about growing a business or finding customers. It was all so new. All I wanted was just to get out there and do the job … I didn’t want to spend hours looking at my figures or learning about marketing.

But I was a busy fool.

To be totally honest I only joined Business Super Heroes out of frustration! I didn’t want to go back to security work but I needed help.

The emails and advice I received was invaluable, and now I know I have to run my business around my numbers, and not around my customers.

I now know this is the only way to run a profitable business and Paul and his team has showed me how to get better quality customers so I am not working long hours for a pittance any more … they have showed me how to be more selective.

I bought the “10 Days To …Launch your New Business” course and have never looked back!”

Sean Connolly

Business Owner, SMC Maintenance

Mike was already an experienced business owner having previously owned a website hosting and development company, but in his mid 40’s he decided to change direction and help his Dad with his pottery replacement service business.

The rest is in his own words … 

“I asked BSH for help because I needed someone to help me decide if it was a long term, viable venture or not.

I bought a package of 8 mentoring sessions which gave me the clarity I needed to make the right decisions going forward. The sessions did cost me a fair bit of money but it was a very wise investment because without them I would have made so many expensive mistakes that would have taken so much extra time and money to put right.

Thank you Paul!”

Mike Ely

Director, China Detectives