10 Days To ... Launch Your New Business
Learn everything you need to know to launch your new business in just 10 days! This unique course contains everything ...
Price: £599.00
Price: £59.95
Only Sales Will Make You Rich Megapack
If selling is your biggest issue, this bundle of knowledge is PERFECT for you! Everyone in business is in sales ... don't sell, don't eat. SIMPLE. Learn to sell more of your products or services with this ultra great value PDF course!
Price: £299.90
Advanced Marketing Techniques Bundle
This mega save bundle will add loads to your bottom line by helping you become a much more "grown up" company, and once you master the techniques in these courses you will be much better able to charge far more for your services because you will appear much more sound and established!
Price: £399.95
Marketing Basics Bundle Digital
*** NEW *** *** NEW *** *** NEW *** *** NEW *** This complete downloadable course contains everything you need to know to make a real success of your marketing - even if you have little or no experience! Get more from your marketing budget and put £££'s in the bank! This is for the digital pack where you get all the courses and books in one 300 page PDF for you to download, print off, put in your own folder and work through (just like you would normally with our other courses at a fraction of the cost!!)
Price: £154.55
Price: £219.95
Retailer Sales Letters
This sales letter pack has been made for retailers and contains everything you need to get more customers into your business.
Price: £49.95
First Impressions Count
As the title says, first impressions matter. A lot. Your first impression of someone may be hasty and incorrect, but it will cloak how you feel about them for years to come.
Price: £9.99
Sell More Of Your Stuff
This is one of the most comprehensive books of sales techniques ever written, and all hints and tips here have been proven to work “on the ground,” in real sales situations, and all ideas are easy to follow and easy to implement, even for a non-sales person, and all can be easily implemented into any business type.
Price: £9.99
Successful Referral Marketing - eBook & Course
Why throw money at expensive advertising when the best marketing, referral marketing, is often free, or very low cost? Just think about what could happen to your business if you implemented just a few of the methods presented in this book and gained lots of extra referrals today!
Price: £23.49
Persuasive Selling Tips
The Art of Persuasive Selling is the perfect answer for people who are uncomfortable with the whole concept of selling. It is designed to change your mindset about ‘sales’ and walk you through the 9 keys to using a customer-focused selling approach.
Price: £7.69
19 Ways To Get More Clients (Video And eBook)
Most people within service businesses are challenged by the demands of working with current clients vs. looking for new ones. They’re often so busy with the clients they have that they just don’t have the time or energy left to do any marketing or prospecting…. or even think about it! Well ... we have the answer for you!
Price: £9.99
Copywriting For Profit
This course will teach you that a customer or prospect never actually wants to read your sales letter; after all, did you wake up this morning saying to yourself … ” I can’t wait to read a sales letter about carpet cleaning or double glazing today?”
Price: £34.99
Stand Out And Get Noticed
Stand Out And Get Noticed
Price: £38.00