One of the fastest ways to lose all your money is to surround yourself with “Yes Men.” 

You know the kind of person I mean right? “Yes Men” are anybody who will say to you … “oh I like that idea” and “Aren’t you doing well?” when they don’t and you’re not.

When selecting who you want to go into business with, who you want to take business advice from, who you want to form a committee with, or when forming any sort of business advice group set up to help you in your business, don’t just go for your buddies who you can chat and lark around with.  They are far more likely to be Yes Men than someone you have a friendship with but who you are not particularly close to.

Getting the balance right between getting people you like vs people who are going to challenge you, is difficult. But then, so is everything else in business. 

You do not want to fill ypour business with yes men. The harder but much truer path to business success is to be challenged on your thinking.