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“Improve Your Focus And Get Stuff Done”


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In this short course the Business Super Heroes team will walk you through identifying all those distractions that are stopping you from being highly successful, and we will show you how to deal effectively with each. 


Every year it seems that our attention span goes down.

People joke that they’ve developed attention deficit disorders as adults that they never had as children but the truth is this … we’re having more and more difficulty focusing on one thing at a time, and when we do start to focus, inevitably something pulls us away.

Everyone’s always busy, but still never seems to be able to get enough done! If you’re an a business owner you’ll know that a lack of focus is a huge issue; those who are able to cut out the noise and concentrate on one thing at a time have the biggest success.

Luckily, there are all sorts of tricks you can teach others for improving focus and concentration. And we’ve covered a whole range of ‘focus tips’ in our course – in fact, we have covered everything you need to know to ensure your total laser focus.

There are 4 modules in the course, plus an introduction and a conclusion in which you take actions and apply what you have learned.

Here are the topics you’ll cover:

1 – Introduction – Focus and Concentration: Start off by explaining why attention spans and the ability to focus have decreased, along with the huge impact this has on success

2 – Where is the Noise Coming From?: Explore the 4 dimensions of distractions and how they contribute to the ‘noise’ that kills our ability to focus

3 – Tips & Techniques to Improve Your Focus at Work: Identify 25 different tips that form a toolbox for improving focus and concentration, so that we can get far more done in less time

4 – Exercises to Improve Your Focus and Concentration: Offer 15 exercises that people can do regularly to improve their ability to concentrate. These are easy and can be practised for just 5 or 10 minutes to see results.

5 – Create Your Focus and Concentration Action Plan: Based on everything learned so far, guide people through creating their own calendar and action plan for improving their focus and concentration.

6 – Conclusion and Next Steps: Finish up with a review of what was learned and more action planning, in which people identify their next steps and deadlines.


With there only ever being 24 hours in anyone’s day of which 8 hours are usually sleep, can you really afford not to take this course, get your life in order and focus on getting what truly matters to you?


Product Type: Short Course

Price For Non Members: £7.49

Price For Members: £3.49

% Saving For Members: 53.4%

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