Day Three – Sales

Your business does not make you any money; that’s a fact.

Only sales from qualified prospects makes you any money, so that means if we want more money we have to get more sales from more qualified prospects right? But selling is something that really doesn’t come naturally to many people, and here’s the probably reason why… 

So many of us have been brought up on images and films that depict those who sell their goods or services as sharks, feeding off the vulnerable and praying on the weak. Oh yes my friend, these scumbags will not be happy until they have left their victims lying in a pool of their own misery just so the sales person can make a quick buck.

But sales for the most part really isn’t like that any more, as you will find out from your FREE guide today. You see, modern selling in the 21st Century is all about this … 

“Helping the prospect make the right decision and purchase the right product for their circumstances.”

That is not to say that you shouldn’t try and sell your goods or services and up sell at every opportunity because you really MUST sell (otherwise you won’t eat) but selling in an ethical manner in the interests of your prospect is essential to ensure you get those vital referrals and repeat business you deserve, since no one will refer you or return to you if they have felt conned by your sales tactics.

This guide will help you realise what sales is all about in your business.

Day Four – Selling

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