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[wp_eMember_login] Displays the member login form [wp_eMember_registration] Displays the registration form that is used to register for a membership account [wp_eMember_edit_profile] Displays the profile edit form that the members can use to edit their profile when they log in [wp_eMember_user_bookmarks] Displays the bookmark list (articles the member have bookmarked) for the logged in member [wp_eMember_password_reset] Displays a password reset box that the members can use to reset their password. Can you useful if you do not want to use the default overly that is used for password reset option. [wp_eMember_compact_login] Display a compact login message to anonymous visitors. When the member logs in it displays their name and a logout link. [wp_eMember_user_list] List all your members in a public directory style [wp_eMember_total_members] Display the total member count [wp_eMember_first_name] Display the First Name of the logged in member [wp_eMember_last_name] Display the Last Name of the logged in member [wp_eMember_user_details user_info=”email”] Display the requested user info of the logged in member. In this example it will display the logged in members email. The “email” parameter can be changed to any other member details attribute to show that particular details. [wp_eMember_user_details user_info=”user_membership_level_name”] Display the membership level name of the logged in member. [wp_eMember_user_details user_info=”profile_picture”] Display the profile picture of the logged in member. [wp_eMember_renew_membership_for_free] Display a “Renew” button that lets the logged in user to renew his/her membership account for free. Can be helpful when you want to offer some of your special members to be able to renew without actually paying for the membership. [wp_eMember_upgrade_membership_level_to level=2] Display an “Upgrade” button that lets the logged in member to set his membership level to a particular level specified in the button. 2 is the target membership level ID in this example. [wp_eMember_cancel_subscription_link]