This set has been designed specifically to take new business owners through all the stages required to make a big success of their business and build strong foundations to build on.

Starting any new business is a terrifying experience … it could be the best thing you ever do but it could equally cost you everything you own, maybe even your house.

That said, all of the staff and contributors to Business Super Heroes just love the ability to set own own agendas and plot our own courses through the business world.

There is no 2 ways about it … owning a business is incredibly exciting, so why risk getting it wrong when a small investment will help ensure your future is bright?

Here’s what you get for your small investment:

  • Goal Setting – Learn how to set and use goals to achieve your business goals
  • Testing Your Big Idea – Is your new business a viable proposition? Is there a market for it?
  • Marketing Basics – Market your business in a way that really appeals to your target prospect
  • Persuasive Selling – One you have red hot leads, convert them into paying customers
  • Business Essentials CD – Get many customer service templates, sales letters and much more … 
  • 6 Steps to Business Success Wall Chart – Use this wall chart as a quick reminder as to your direction!
  • 90 Day Success Planner – This re-usable planner will help you to plan what your most important tasks are and organise your time around those tasks in any 3 month period.

As you can see all of these courses, books and CD’s will help you design and build a business that flourishes in even the toughest business environment. 



Your New Business Success
This bulk buy pack contains everything you need to know to go from Start Up to Sales. To save you tons of money this pack comes as one 330 page PDF file so you can print out the courses, put them into files and work through the workbooks that will ensure your business's profitability and longevity.
Price: £276.55

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