Much More Than Just a Marketing Agency

Just like every great business out there, at The Business Super Heroes we have aims and goals for our business, and like every good business they revolve around YOU, our incredible SME business owner clients!

We have built this website and written all our courses, eBooks, emails etc for:

  • The SME business owner who wants to be more profitable.
  • The SME business owner who wants to grow their business in a successful, measured way.
  • The SME business owner who is fed up with working so hard for so little returns
  • The SME business owner who wants to drive their business forward to profits and success

You know, very few people in this world are natural business people … pretty much every self made millionaire has started without a clue as to how business works, what their finances should look like, how to price their goods or services, or how to gain more quality customers and avoid the sh*te in the customer pool.

I don’t know about you but I wasn’t born thinking about Profit and Loss sheets or the 3M Method of Marketing!

But there is one thing all successful business owners have in common … they have all taken the time to learn what it takes to run a business. Business is not a black art but it is hard work making a lot of money since the consumer buying patterns are constantly changing and business practices have to constantly evolve and change just to keep up. 

We want to help you pave your way towards super success, and here’s how we want to do it:


At BSH we will show you how to fight your way through the layers of mediocrity that blight so many small business owners, set your mind up for running an ultra success business, ignore the nonsense and BS and market yourself more effectively to get you more high quality customers who want to pay you decent money for your services.



What really BUGS us here at BSH is all those sales and marketing “experts” who tell you that more customers equals more profits. They may also tell you that they can fill your business with customers.


Most sales and marketing companies don’t take the time to ask you the right questions! Questions like …

  • “If you get more business, have you got the systems in place to handle the orders?”
  • “Are you running at enough profit (since getting more business with low / no profits will only damage you more)
  • “Do you know who you are targeting for the most amount of profit?”
  • “Do you know where these people are?”
  • “Are you placing the value you provide over the price you quote?”

Without taking a fully rounded approach, more customers will not equal more profit.

So we help you explore the “whole picture” look at all business matters that affect your profitability. For example, one of the very first items you will receive from us as a member of our unique BSH Academy is our famous “Pricing for Profit” course which will help ensure you truly are doing just that – Pricing For Profit. We also have everything you need to know about finance and P+L, balance sheets, sales and marketing, creating a UVP, branding and a tons of great information to help you grow a stable business that grows year on year in a stable methodical manner.



We will help you with a ton of techniques that have already been tried and tested in real world situations so you just know they’re gonna work in your business too. The Business Super Heroes team have over 80 years in business between us, so you can pretty much guarantee there is nothing we haven’t seen, with over 50 years of those those in training, coaching and mentoring roles. 

Helping businesses like yours to grow and thrive.

We offer flexible business support and advice to suit your business needs, no matter what those needs are.

So, what now?

By now you have decided if we are able to help you or not. The first stage in developing our relationship is for you to sign onto our FREE course on the home page. It IS FREE, there are no payments and we won’t ask you for your card details. This taster session is perfect for you to try us without any pressure because we know from experience that the best quality sales comes from those clients that really want to be part of something great, not those who feel forced or coerced into it.

After the 7 day course, you will be offered the opportunity to have a tailor made “Program of Success” put together for you by the staff here at Business Super Heroes.

If you like what you see, then great! You will invited to enrol in the Academy and we can crack on and start to grow your business.

If you decide you would rather grow your business yourself, then we really do wish you well as you go on your way.

Either way, it’s up to you. So, ensure you have signed up for our free 7 day course then at least you’ll know exactly what we’re about and how we want to help your business be mega successful!