Measure Everything For Success

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I know it sounds cumbersome, but you really must know where every second of your time and every penny in your business goes.

A quick example: say you spend £250 on a Google ads campaign. Has it worked? What is the definition of “worked” for that particular campaign? How do you know? Are you tracking where the leads are coming from? Are you asking the people who called you how they heard about you?

If you are not tracking where your leads are coming from, how do you know which, if any, of your marketing methods are working?

It is vital that you get into the habit of taking note of where all your leads are coming from, and putting them on a spreadsheet. It is only by doing this can you see what is working, and what isn’t, and when you can see that sort of information, you can eliminate the costs of what isn’t working, and reinvest those same costs into what is working well for you, meaning far better returns for the same expenditure (ROI)

How cool is that?

Your exercise for today is to go to for your free advertising measuring spreadsheet.