My name is Paul Baker and I NEED YOUR HELP!!

I would normally want to come to your office with a couple of courses so you could see them and explain who I am and what I need from you, but as I can’t due to the current situation I quickly made up this webpage so I can give you a little more information about myself and what I am asking you to help me sell. (please ignore any spelling mistakes)

It All Went Horribly Wrong – Selling My Story

I started my carpet cleaning business in 2004 and then started selling carpets & flooring in 2006. With hindsight I made some huge business howlers early on, and these mistakes led me to have to go insolvent in 2010 / 2011 with over £38k of personal debt which I only finished paying off  8 years later.  (There’s your personal story.)

Once I started again I was determined to do things better the second time round, so I researched and learned everything I possibly could from the business big hitters.

Then I Started To Write … 

I personally can only learn anything when I write things down, so as I was reading all the books under the sun I took copious amounts of notes which then went on to form the basis of my courses.

But I only read the books which contained a ton of great stuff; I found it difficult to actually implement what I was learning into my own business. So I have changed that with these courses. What makes these courses stand out is each section has an exercise module immediately following it so after the reader has read a section they can then implement what they have learned directly into their business.

Grow your business with sales and marketing strategies

In the past 6 years I have written a lot of business courses, as well as made up many video courses (which are hosted by Teachable.)


This is because I love creating the content but hate marketing it. All I want to do is create great content. I am being pulled in 2 different directions as well as running a (now) successful and profitable flooring business.


Course Example … “10 Days To … Launch A New Business” 

Here’s a course I have written for those who are starting a new business and is one of several courses in the “10 Days To …” range I have developed. As well as the course itself there are also additional mini-booklets on referrals, networking, videos and other bits which go with the course too.

As a preference I would want these courses to be downloaded from the website or videos watched via Teachable so I don’t have to process anything or get anything printed out but we can have that discussion depending on what you think it’s better to sell. Maybe a better way forward would be to print it all out and box it up so the recipient gets the “thud factor” as it hits the doormat.

All of this is up for discussion … I am not precious about anything. Working together I want to do all I can to help you market my courses.

Below I have included a few screenshots from the course so you get the gist of it …

Where I’m At Right Now… 

Most of the smaller courses are 100% ready to go, and so is the “10 Days To … Launch Your New Business” course. The other big courses just need a final run through and everything put together but as yet are not quite finished.

That’s actually half the problem … I have a ton of stuff, nearly finished! For example I have the start of a sales page for the “10 Days To … Launch Your New Business” but it’s not quite finished. Quite a lot is not quite finished but all the courses could be 100% ready in about a week each, so they really aren’t too far off.

I want to start laying the foundations for marketing these courses now whilst I am tidying everything up.

I have also got The Carpet Cleaning College and I have written loads of stuff for that too, like a complete course for those considering starting their carpet cleaning business, including those thinking about a carpet cleaning franchise, which contains all the sales letters, ads, all the tricks and tips of the trade and my own unique pricing system which is guaranteed to add at least 10% to every clean!

Obviously with carpet cleaning it’s a much more focused market but much smaller. So yes, I have been really busy the past few years … I don’t watch much TV because it’s all so dull and depressing and I love making content. but it would be good to start selling it now.

All of it has been written by me … i am happy to take one of those plagerism tests to prove it.

So, I need direction and focus. I want to know your thoughts on what will get the best results for us both. I need you to build my profile I think but hey, we can chat about that.

What I Need From You … 

What I need from you is to do all the marketing for all the books and courses so I can just concentrate on creating the content and converting them to videos etc.

I want a long-term, honest relationship where we both do very well financially from the relationship.

I can do the website side of things but I think I want you to find new opportunities. Facebook Ads? Chambers of Commerce? Social Media marketing? Google Ads ? Don’t honestly know … 

Who knows … Well, I hope you do.

If this project isn’t for you, no problem. Just let me know.

I am not a wall-flower kinda person. Just talk to me, that’s all I ask.

All I want is for us to work well together and BOTH make a ton of money.

What’s Next … 

I hope this gives you more of an idea about what this is all about prior to a phone / WhatsApp or Zoom discussion.

Please do have a look round the site and let me know if this is something you’d be excited to promote.