90 Minutes A Day … 10 Days … Job Done

This course is NOT going to turn you into Richard Branson or Steve Jobs overnight but it WILL ensure you start your small business off on solid foundations. It teaches you what you need to know and obliterates those myths which will destroy your new business.

This is the course I wish I had when I started my business. No pages of fluff telling me about how a mission statement will change my life.

Just the truth. Warts ‘n’ all.


My name is Paul Baker and for many years I have run a very successful carpet & flooring business.

With all those sales & marketing “experts” out there why should you listen to me?

Because I’m not going to tell you I have built a super-successful business in just 6 months because it didn’t happen.

I’m not going to tell you you can build a £million business in a year because it didn’t happen.

But I’ll tell you what did happen.

First I Went Bust ...

I simply cannot describe to you my feelings of failure. It was just awful. All because I believed those business myths.

Then I Learned ...

I spent every second I could learning about how to build and run a successful business

Then I Grew ...

Now I live the life I want to lead with tons of profit and lots of totally awesome customers.

We Want To Squash Those Lies Which Circulate About Business

As business owners we are constantly being lied to.


Lie #1

We’re told you can’t be profitable if you “only” run an SME business …


Lie #2

We’re told you must settle for any customer you can get …


Lie #3

We’re even told the customer is always right!


Lie #4

Like, yeah man, you just gotta look to the skies and you will be blessed with abundance. I mean seriously … who writes this stuff. The only people who get this abundenace is the people who write this nonsense. 

Hey! I truly believed all that too. But then I went bust, and, I tell you, that sucked. I even had to take a JOB while I figured out what to do …

I don’t mind telling you that I blubbed like a baby when I went bust  … and I’m dead butch me.

I went bust BECAUSE I thought I had to accept any customer I can get, and BECAUSE I put the customer first, because I thought the customer was always right and because I looked to the skies for abundance.

What You Won’t Get From Us

Out of respect for you we’re not going to lie to you and tell you starting a business will be easy. There is no “Magic Bullet” which will transform you overnight into a billionnaire, but we are here to help you in a serious way.

No Cuddles

We’re not here to soothe ego’s or tell you everything is rosy when it’s not. We will be tough sometimes, because business is tough. I have seen many very good friends lose their businesses and some of them lose their homes due to running a poor business.

We don’t want that to happen to you.

Business is a tough game where only a few will survive and thrive … and survive and thrive is what we DO want to happen to you, NOT lose everything you own.

No Nonsense

So many business owners quote such nonsesne like “We’re on course for a £2 million per month turnover”

So What? What are your out-goings?

I’d rather have a business which turns over £50k a month with £10k outgoing than a £2 million per month business with £4 million outgoing.

(Everything is ALWAYS one figure as compared to another figure. We will always strive to put everything in perspective for you so you can see the truth about how you’re doing.)

No Saying How A Mission Statement Will Save Your Life

It won’t. Sure, it’s an important document for large businesses to help bring everyone together under the same umbrella, but for a new small business there are other, much more important things to think about.

Just being honest.

So, What’s IS In The Course Then Popeye?

Here is a snapshot of what’s in the course.

Day One - About You

As you work your way through this course we will dispel dozens of myths which we business owners have been fed over the decades, and the first one we will dispel is this … YOU are the most important person in your business NOT your customers. We will tell you why in Day One.

So what qualities do YOU need to make a real go of your new business? Is your head in the right place to live a great life from the proceeds of your business?

Are you profit minded or, like so many other small business owners, do you actually want to give away your products or services for virtually nothing and live like a pauper? 

This is quite possibly the most important day in the whole course because YOU are the most important person in your business!

Day Two - Have You Got A Business At All?

So many new business owners start a new business selling something they want to sell, which is exactly the reason NOT to start a business! We’ll tell you why this could spell disaster for you in Day Two.

Day Two will walk you through a number of simple techniques to assess if your new business is a goer or not and give you a simple 4 step process to show you the potential your new business has. 

Day Three - Your Business Finances

Yeah yeah I get it … “Profit and Loss” and “Cash Flow” is all so totally boring and lame, but your business success is in the numbers you produce NOT in the number of customers you serve or the number of years you have been in business.

This is why the “Dragons” on “Dragons Den” are only ever only “interested” in the idea itself but are far more obsessed and focused on the numbers.

Your numbers are your measure of success, so knowing them inside and out is VITAL. We’ll give you an overview of what you need to know and why it’s all so important.

Don’t worry, we will walk you through everything you need to know, we will also tell you why it is important to know certain figures and give you exercises to ensure you have truly grasped the concepts.

Day Four - Running A Business

So, what do you actually need in place to run a business? How do things run on a day to day basis? What do you need to put in place to hit the ground running?

In Day Four we will help you build strong daily foundations to build a solid business upon.

Day Five - Pricing For Profit

Why do so many SME business owners charge so little for their services?

It’s usually because they’re embarrassed with their prices, or they use the DREADFUL cost-plus pricing method. Many SME business owners are even afraid to put their hand out and ask for the money after they have done the work!

The amount you charge for your services is the #1 way you’ll make great profit in your business, but to charge a decent amount of money for your goods or services you have to offer the world something different, something extra. Something more which will enable you to charge more for your services.

You have to give people a reason to pay more for their services … we’ll show you how to give people a lot of reasons to accept a higher price so you can make a ton of profit from the start!

Day Six - Your Customers

Most marketing companies will tell you they can get you lots more customers tommorrow, and so could I … you want lots of customers just give your stuff away for nothing.

But we’re different here at The Business Super Heroes … we don’t want you to just want any customer … we want you to laser target the best cutomers for your business.

Getting to know your customers, and targeting the right customers in the first place, is essential to getting quality sales. 

What happens if you get lots of wrong customers? Will they make you rich?  Who is your perfect customer? What do they look like and where are they?

We’ll help you get to know your target customer very well indeed, because they’re the ones who will be paying your mortgage and putting food on your table.

Day Seven - Your Competitors

Here’s another myth about owning a business we want to crush right now.

So many new businesses build their own business based on what other businesses in the same profession are doing … but this is exactly the WRONG way to do things!

Why? If  you are saying and doing exactly the same as every other business, why would anyone choose YOU over them?

You DO NOT want to copy most other businesses … we will show you some startling facts to prove why not! It won’t be easy standing on your own from the start, but you do need to stand out and get noticed or your business won’t last long.

Let us help you do just that.

Day Eight - Marketing & Copywriting

Now you know what customers you want to attract and what your competition are saying, you are now in the perfect position to create marketing materials which will get noticed.

If you don’t create marketing materials which gets noticed, it’s just a total waste of your time and money because all your hard work will end up in the bin.

We will also show you how to use the power of words to write killer copy which will sell sell sell,  NOT make your customers yawn yawn yawn.

Day Nine - Sales

Your business is nothing without sales, but getting quality sales (and selling for a decent profit) is an art form, but luckily it is a totally learnable skill.

You have to face up to facts … people DO NOT want to give you their money, but if you learn a host of skills and sell ethically and honestly you can still sell for a great profit.

We go through some of the greatest selling tips and tricks, all ethically sound, to ensure your customer loves you and pays you what you ask! 

Day Ten - Branding & Conclusion

With the advent of home computers, doing a pretty decent job of branding your SME business is nowhere near as difficult as it used to be, but be in no doubt branding is NOT something you can afford to ignore these days.

With competition hotting up in almost every sector, you MUST stand out and present a consistent image across all of your marketing platforms … branding is no longer a subject which can be ignored, and the sooner you start to put this in place the better!

But That’s Not It!

That’s not all you’ll get from us … 

On top of all that awesome information, in your BONUS section called “The Bit At The Back” you will also receive …


2 x Sales Letters For You To Copy

Writing sales letter is ultra-powerful to help you join with other businesses who could help your business thrive, so here we give you 2 examples of sales letters so you can copy the format (value £150)


Over 150 Ways To Market Your Business

We will also give you over 150 ways to market your business. Some free, some cheap, some slightly more expensive, but there will be dozens here you won’t even of thought about!


Closing Your Sales

Closing a sale is the point of the transaction where you either have to seal the deal or answer objections. We cover handling objections in Day Nine on Sales, so in this unit we will take you through a number of techniques you can use to close the deal.


After The Sale

Throughout your business life, but especially in the early days, you don’t want to deliver just one sale opportunity. Follow up actions after the sale mean more chances to upsell, cross-sell and get more referrals too, meaning more business for you.

Still Unsure Whether To Invest Or Not?

You don’t know me from Adam so do you really want to give me any money at all, especially if you are just starting a new business venture?

Perfect! That’s exactly what we want for you, to monitor every single expense. 

We understand your concerns, but crossing the road is risky, and you don’t get a FULL, NO QUIBBLE, 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE WHEN YOU CROSS THE ROAD like you do with us.

You Risk Nothing With Our 90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You Risk Nothing With Our 90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Sometimes You’ve Just Got To Go For It … After All, Isn’t That Exactly What You’re Doing With Your New Business Venture Too?

Here’s What To Do Now

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