Market Message Media – The Formula For Success

The 3M method of marketing is so important to your business as a whole that it is essential you take the time to read and re-read this page many times. 

3M stands for Market Message Media and is the order that will transform a poorly performing marketing campaign into a mega successful marketing strategy. You MUST perform and perfect this technique to ensure your business growth. 

Let’s look at each element of the 3M formula for success:


You MUST know who your target market is otherwise you will be wasting huge amounts of money in an un-targeted splatter gun effect on marketing and advertising, and your results will be poor. Find out everything you can about your target audience, for example:

1. What language do they use?
2. Do they live alone, or with someone?
3. How old are they?
4. Where do they live?
5. Do they have children? If so, how old are they likely to be?
6. Are they likely to have pets?
7. Do they drive? If so, what do they drive?
8. How big are their homes? How many bedrooms?
9. Are they likely to have the money to spend on top quality products, or will they seek a cheap DIY alternative and try and do the job themselves?
10. Are they likely to bother at all with your goods or services?

Why is this so important?

Because you will never sell many walking sticks to children, or 400w super powerful extra bass car speakers to the elderly. Knowing your market, who they are and where they are, is essential for a targeted approach to gain access to the market you want to serve. 

Once you know who your target market is, you can start to think about the sort of problems they are likely to experience and how you can talk to them in a language they understand, to help them solve the problems they have.

Look at Apple and McDonald’s. Both are super successful and highly profitable and both companies know exactly who their target customer is. Just because you are carefully targeting your prospects doesn’t mean no-one else will use you. Many others outside your target group will use you; it’s just about having a clear idea of who you want to target in your business.

Remember: Your marketing is always about how you can show the prospect that you and only you can truly solve the customer’s problems. 


Now you know who you are targeting, you can carefully craft your message so that it appeals to them, and really strikes a chord deep within them.

Your copy in your sales letter MUST be able to be easily understood by your prospect. Do NOT expect your prospect to wade through tons of copy they don’t understand, because they won’t bother. Speak to your prospects in the same language as they themselves would speak, NOT how you in your trade would speak.

For example, would you send a sales letter to an elderly person that says … “By My Spkrs 4 UR CR. 50% OFF LOL.” Of course not. The flip side of the coin is also true … would you write “Dear Sir / Madam, It is with great please that I welcome you …” to a teenager?

Both messages will not be easily understood by the target audience and will be ignored.

A carefully crafted message will send your sales results through the roof when you try and understand your target markets problems, then aim your message at solving those problems. This is where you present your solution to your target market’s problem. You could explain how you have helped others with the same problem as your target prospect has, and also use it to explain why they should use you and why you are different to your competitors.

Whatever you do, make sure your message is clear. Use precise language with easy to understand hard hitting headlines and ensure everything is about the customer and how you can solve their problems, not about you as a person or a business.

Always remember prospects don’t care about you!


There is no point in preparing the perfect sales script, then getting your message out there in a media that won’t be read or heard by your target audience. For example, there is no use selling your very expensive, hand crafted walking sticks in PC gamer, which is primarily aimed at the teenage computer games market, or selling your prize winning cabbage seeds in Cat Monthly magazine.

Carefully do your own research, and find out what the target customer will be reading, watching or listening to. Make sure you always get a right hand page if you decide to run an ad in a relevant paper or magazine, and have a super powerful headline that really draws the readers’ attention to the article.

If you get this 3M method right, it will save you thousands in wasteful advertising, whilst significantly increasing ROI.


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