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AIDA is the correct order of all marketing scripts, and is a great place to start on your copywriting journey.  (The term “Copy Writing” simply means writing great business letters, flyers, ads etc that promote your business!)

Here’s what AIDA stands for:

A – Attention

You MUST first grab the attention of the prospect, and quickly. This is at the top of the AIDA acronym because it is by far the most important element of any ad … you must grab your prospects attention quickly.

If you don’t grab the prospects attention, your whole ad is a total waste of time and money because prospects won’t read on and your ad or sales letter will just go in the bin!

You capture your prospects attention with a hugely punchy headline!


I – Interest

Now your headline has grabbed their attention, you need your prospect to read through your article a bit further and start to get really interested in your services. Raise customer engagement fully by focusing on and demonstrating the advantages and benefits of your services.


D – Desire

As your prospective customers are starting to get pulled into your text, they are actually starting to read what is on the page, rather than just skimming it. Now you need to convince the prospect that they really do want and desire your services, and that your company can satisfy their needs. Here you create a real yearning for your product or service.


A – Action

Are you sending out your promotional material because you want the customer to call you, or because you want the customer to log on to your special offer page on your website, or maybe you want your customer to like you on Facebook.


Whatever it is, you must ALWAYS lead your customers towards taking some sort of action and/or purchasing. Be in no doubt that, as a starting point, AIDA is one of the most important rules you need to know to ensure your marketing materials work effectively. Everything you ever send out, from your website to promos to letters, to flyers to radio ads, they all must be in this order. Love  AIDA, and she will look after you! And when you do send out ads or sales letters, always remember that people don’t give a rats behind about you and your business – your sole job in your writing is to tell the prospect how you can help them solve their wants and needs.


Practice AIDA. Love AIDA. Every time. On everything you do.