Great Sales Letter Examples

Here are some of the best sales letters ever written. Have a good look at them and take the style, wording and the very best bits of each of them to come up with your own masterpiece!

Note how all of them are different lengths … note how the style changes as you read through them. Note how the font changes … the spacing and highlighting occurs.

All these letters are so totally different, but the one thing they have in common … ? 


A boring sales letter is the death of your article so try many things but for crying out loud MAKE IT INTERESTING!

At the top is your BSH Great Copy Checklist for you to print out that offers you guidelines towards making YOUR sales letter a HUGE success!

Create Great Copy Checklist

14 Step Guide to Great Copywriting

Have a read of those 2 documents above and see how the example letters below match the guidelines we have written! Here are some of the best sales letters ever written!

Admiral Richard E

American Express

Business Week

Mercedes Benz

My Mag

National Home Life Assurance



Omaha Steaks

Popular Mechanics

Prevention Magazine

Psychology Today

Quest Magazine

Terri Lynn Mail Order Nuts

Two Brothers Sales Letter

The Wall Street Journal