Get More Clients

Want to get more clients for your service business? Most people within service businesses are challenged by the demands of working with current clients vs. looking for new ones.Get More Clients For Your Business

They’re often so busy with the clients they have that they just don’t have the time or energy left to do any marketing or prospecting…. or even think about it!

But service providers who have thriving businesses with a steady income know how to manage that juggling act. They keep a host of tactics at their fingertips and use the ones that fit best with their strengths.

If your own a service business and you want to get more clients implementing just a few of these tactics will help ensure you bring in new clients even while their working with others.

In this book we give you 19 proven tactics to Get More Clients in this short course.

This is so much more than just an eBook because after each section we have given you a work book to go through to help your work towards your goals as you go along!

Here’s what you get …

There are 4 modules in the course plus a Conclusion.

  • Introduction: You’ll first show you why you need to always be searching for new clients and that it’s definitely possible and essential, even if you are currently up to their ears in client work.
  • Online Tactics to Get More Clients: Here we look at 12 online tactics you can use to attract new clients, many of which can be used in combination and don’t need a lot of effort or skills.
  • Offline Tactics to Get More Clients: You’ll also get 7 offline methods for gaining clients, where you can form stronger relationships, find prospects who may not be online, and increase your conversion rate.
  • How To Decide Which Tactics are Best For You: Not all tactics are for everyone, so here we’ll help you choose which client-attraction tactics to use, even if you don’t think they can do any of them!
  • Conclusion: Finally, you’ll review what you have learned and provide some final tips for picking the right tactics for getting started with attracting a ton of new clients.