Don’t Go!

Was It Something We Said …?

Everyone here at the Business Super Heroes is genuinely gutted you are thinking of leaving us … and we thought we were getting on great too. 

And it’s not about the money either; we just HATE it when our clients aren’t totally thrilled with what we do and they decide to leave us because we know they are missing out on tons of incredible profit boosting information that will help them to seriously boost their business in the years to come. 

This website and all the courses, eBooks and everything else you will have received from BSH have all taken many years in development and we know they are the best courses for SME business owners available anywhere on-line and off-line, and our clients that take the time to complete them and take action on what they learn will do fantastically well in business.

But You Don’t Agree?

Could you please have a really good think about whether or not you can afford to get left behind by all the up and coming businesses out there who are taking this Academy Program … I don’t want to see you get left behind by the competition. Your competition is hungry for your customers, so staying on top of your game is VITAL to your success.

Please let us help you do that.

If you are still convinced you want to leave us, would you mind dropping us an email just to let us know why you are leaving us so we can try to work hard to improve what we do? That really would be very much appreciated.

If you are totally sure you want to leave us …

… please walk through the exit for the very last time with BSH …