Copywriting For Profit

We will show you how to create a sales letter so powerful that price simply isn’t an issue … the prospect wants you and price isn’t even in the equation!ringbinderstanding-web

In this hi-tec age, do sales letters still work? Well put it this way….

Well, we had email and t’internet in the great recession of 2008, and my words helped save a builder, a plastics company a carpet cleaning company and many other businesses from going broke, and helped dozens of others in that one year alone prepare for the financial storm that was about to hit the world.

Too many sales letters are too formal, rigid and impersonal. Most have no character, no personality, they give no sense of the character of the writer or the company values of the business sending the letter, and are dull to read.

Boring letters will irritate your prospects, and it will end up in the grey filing cabinet called the bin. Even worse, many sales letters are full of fluff in the mistaken belief that the customer actually wants to read the sales letter.

This course will teach you that a customer or prospect never actually wants to read your sales letter; after all, did you wake up this morning saying to yourself … ” I can’t wait to read a sales letter about carpet cleaning or double glazing today?” Of course not!

But your sales letter can force the customer to take notice of your offering and build him or her up to a point of a real yearning for your goods or services. Your letter can also force the prospect into action by insisting that failure to take action will somehow impact his or her life massively if they don’t act on your letter NOW!

If you follow the hints and tips in this course, you will keep your sales letters out of the bin, and ensure your customer takes actions now, not leave it until tomorrow (because, as we all know, tomorrow never comes.)

We cover:
• Getting the right message across to your target audience
• How to answer the most important question ever … WIIFM?
• The need for stories
• The Market Message Media formula
• Different ways to get certain text noticed for the “skimmers”
• The need to focus on your customers 100% of the time
• Headlines (over 6 pages on headlines alone (yes, they really are that important!))
• The full content of the perfect sales letter
• Putting price in its’ place
• The emotions of buying
• Your guarantees
• Your call to actions …
… and the list goes on!

This course covers everything you need to know about writing powerful sales letters, and it is all explained with examples of how it all works and why it works, and fits together to provide a real “POWWWW” to your letter. You’ll be truly amazed at what can happen if you apply what we teach you here and get on a mission to sell more through quality sales letters.

It’s just like you have been given permission to own a printing press to print your own money! 

Buy this course. Love it. Or we will refund every single penny. I promise. Or you can tell my Mum.