Buying is Emotional

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To illustrate that buying is a a HUGE emotional decision, let me tell you a story… I wanted some nice sunglasses, and I had done for ages. I had seen exactly the sunglasses I wanted. I tell you, these sunglasses, wow, they were a thing of real beauty!

But they cost well over £250. But I really wanted them; I can’t even say exactly why I wanted them, but I still went out and bought them anyway.

After I had bought the sunglasses, I felt great wearing them. I felt special. So I justified my purchase afterwards by saying how much longer they will last, how I won’t have to replace them every year … hell, in just 20 years I would actually start to save money by buying a pair of sunglasses of such great quality and not having to replace them every year!

Now, I like to consider myself a totally rational human being, so why did I buy these sunglasses when there are lots of sunglasses much more easily available at a tiny fraction of that price? It was because for me that purchase was an emotional thing. I was buying based on emotions, not on what I knew was truly right for me. This is a classic example of how we buy using our hearts, not our heads!

FACT: Most of us buy non essential (non life or death) goods and services based on emotions, and then justify our purchases later.

So, what does that tell you about your sales and promotional literature? That it must respond to the readers emotions. Everything you write or say in your sales scripts must appeal on an emotional level to your target prospect.


Use your laptop presentation

Once you have set up and finely tuned your sales scripts and your sales presentations, when you go out to do your quotes, back up your sales pitch with photos (evidence) of previous jobs, and scanned copies (or originals) of some testimonials.

This can be done either via your laptop / ipad or your “Impact Folder”, which is your quotations “show piece” folder which has been especially designed to WOW the customer! (If you haven’t got an impact folder, get one NOW!)

So, here is how your quotation may go …


  • Establish rapport
  • Listen to the customers requirements
  • Offer advice if necessary
  • Match what the customer wants with a product you sell
  • Go through your “Impact Pack” to show the customer some quality pictures and testimonials from other customers who have chosen you before to confirm in your prospects mind that you can, indeed, help that customer too
  • Go through the quotation, referring to what the customer had seen in the impact pack
  • Answer any questions, objections and queries


Stories tell – pictures sell!  

Won’t your customers want to see pictures of your quality work? If I ran a carpet cleaning company for example and I went out on a quotation, if I showed you high quality, high definition before and after photos of a filthy carpet that I had restored back to life you would probably choose me over the competition wouldn’t you?

This is because you have seen the results of my work … you have actually seen with your own eyes the results I can achieve.  

How incredibly powerful is that?

 Demonstrate the quality of your work to your prospects and how can they not be impressed? (oh, and never use stock photo’s on anything you do or print, keep it real!)