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Your Attitude to Money

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Here’s a question for you … Can you shout out loud …


Go on then … I dare you! Go on … do it NOW!


Now shout …



If you are in any way embarrassed to do that, to admit to yourself that you want to earn shed loads of money, go on lots of nice holidays and all the good things that having tons of money brings you, then you really must get over it and get your head sorted out!

You must really want wealth and money and have a vision that you can and will attain it, but you also must accept it won’t magically come to you. Accept that it will be truly hard graft that will totally change your life as you know it.


” Your job in business is to make as much money as you possibly can in a fair and ethical way.”


So, what’s your view on money? On the people who are exceedingly rich? Unfortunately most of us have been brainwashed from an early age into thinking that those with money are greedy or dishonest, they are fat cats, creaming off tons of profit from poor defenceless consumers who they have conned out of their hard earned pensions, leaving the elderly and infirm homeless and in a cardboard box out on the streets, just so they can waltz round in their expensive suits and drive nice cars, right?

Some people even go one step further and quote the Bible, saying “The Bible says that money is the root of all evil.” Actually the Bible says “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil” and since entrepreneurs don’t think about money with any emotion attached to it at all, then that argument is totally invalid.

But that’s beside the point.

I saw an amazing quote a few years ago and put it up on my wall. It goes like this:

“Average people think MONEY is the root of all evil. Rich people believe POVERTY is the root of all evil.” Steve Siebold

Isn’t that just incredible? I mean, isn’t that just a massive WOW moment? This is the way you should be thinking to become mega successful! You need to be thinking about making money all the time, and thinking about what you can implement in your business to make more money. As a business owner, you deserve to receive high rewards for taking the huge risks that the employed population simply don’t take.

And if you think business owners are fat cats, don’t forget:


1) Business owners create jobs

2) Business owners make countries richer through taxes

3) Entrepreneurs create wealth, and often set up charities and funds for worthwhile causes that are close to them

4) Wealth is the reward you earn for all the risks you take in business.

5) Wealthy business owners reduce unemployment and dependency on the welfare state

6) Wealthy people support the elderly, the infirm, children, the disabled etc through benefits


Here are some more facts for you:

1) Actions are what will make you rich. We can all think about doing things, but actions are really all that matter.

2) Very few people are a born genius in business. The huge majority of successful people in business have had a steep learning curve, just like you, but they have fought and fought for their riches. Many have gone bankrupt several times, but have grown and learned from the experience each time.

3) Rich people think about the future, poor people think about the past

4) Rich people think about how they can add to their fortune every minute of every day – and they know that doesn’t make them bad people

5) Wealthy people think about money without any emotional connection at all.

6) Rich people are not afraid to spend other people’s money

7) Rich people never stop learning

8) Wealthy people surround themselves with like minded people and won’t let anyone shatter their dreams

9) Rich people know you deserve it all, and, with work, they also know that you can actually have it all too.


If this is you, congratulations. If you are now happy to shout from the roof tops …”I want to be rich then well done to you.

Today we have looked in depth at you and your relationship with money. We have talked about you for a couple of days now. And with good reason. When I started out in business, I was really embarrassed with my prices, I was embarrassed to ask for money, I was embarrassed to put my hand out and say “OK I have done the work, now pay me.” I was even embarrassed to chase people who owed me money for fear of upsetting them!

This led to massive difficulties in the early days, and almost made me go bust  even before I got on my feet. But ensuring you have got your head screwed on properly in relation to money is possibly the biggest single factor to your success. Reminding yourself that you deserve the huge amount of money you are / will be earning is vital.

Remembering that huge amounts of profit is not just a luxury but is, in fact, essential to business, but also that you have gained that money in a “fair and ethical way” will really help put you on solid ground.

Now the hard work begins!


Find somewhere quiet where you can just close your eyes and relax. If that isn’t right now, then come back to this in a short while okay? Stop now until you are in a place where you can totally relax.

Hello! Welcome back! Get comfortable, read the following passage, then close your eyes, relax, and re-play the passage in your mind.


“I want you to go to the control room in your brain and have a look round at all the buttons, switches and dials. Find the dial that says “Wealth Thermostat” on it and see where the needle is pointing now. How wealthy do you feel right now?

This shows you how much money you currently feel you are worth.

Now turn it up just a little bit, and imagine what your life will be like if this was your new “normal earnings” setting. What would you be wearing? How would you live, and where would you live? What would you drive? Take the time to imagine that new life.

Now, turn the dial up, just a little more, and imagine what your life would look like now. Become that person, feel what being that person feels like, feel what it would be like to live your life with your wealth thermostat turned up to that level constantly.

After about 2-3 minutes of living as your dream person, go back to your “Wealth Thermostat” in your brain and turn it back down again, ensuring it is left just a little higher than it was before you started.



Do this mental exercise every single day for the next 3 months, whenever you can grab 5 minutes of quiet, focused time, and you will be amazed at how creative the brain can become to accommodate your new “Wealth Thermostat” settings.

This exercise totally transformed my life, and is based on Paul McKenna’s self hypnosis CD “I Can Make Your Rich.” This is a truly brilliant CD and worked wonders on building up my own self worth to where it is today. Try it!