133 Ways to Market Your Business in 90 Minutes Per Day

Want 133 Ways to Market Your Business in just 90 minutes a day? Check this out!

One of the main mistakes many business owners make is being inconsistent in their business. They offer:

  • Inconsistent products
  • Inconsistent services
  • Inconsistent images and logos (branding)
  • Inconsistent marketing routines
  • Inconsistent sales routines.

In business all you need is a routine (or system) for every single business task you undertake that gets exactly the results you desire, every single time.

A routine is by definition… noun “a sequence of actions regularly followed.”

  • Your marketing routine is a system that works well for you and brings in a good quantity of leads.
  • Your sales routine is a system that ensures you convert as prospects into paying customers as possible.
  • Your financial routine means your books are always up to date and you can chase debts as they become due.

That’s all your business should be … a series of routines and systems to ensure it runs smoothly, consistently and efficiently.

So, your marketing and business growth system should not be any different! Unless you are actively growing your business every single day, your business will shrink and die.

If you think you don’t have the time to grow your business, think again. Business growth doesn’t have to take up many hours of your day. Instead it’s something you can do in as little as 90 minutes a day, so here we will look at what you can be doing in as little as 90 minutes every day during what we here at BSH call your “Power Focus Time.”

Your Power Focus Time is far and away the most important part of your day because this is your daily time to focus solely on your business growth.

It doesn’t seem like a lot can be achieved in just an hour and a half, but think about this …

  • 630 minutes (10.5 hrs) a week
  • 2700 minutes (45 hrs) a month
  • 32,850 minutes (547.50 hrs) a year
  • … entirely focused on your business growth which, on aggregate will all add up to a seriously busy business!

Be in no doubt that as a business owner, your 90 minutes “Power Focus Time” is the most important part of your day. This is your time to continue your quest towards you achieving your business goals.

Have a good think now about how you will find those elusive 90 minutes every day and make a firm commitment to ensure you have a Power Focus Time




You will be truly amazed at how much you can achieve if you really want it, and set time aside every single day to focus on achieving your goals.

Me? I have written over 25 books and courses, websites, guest blog posts and much more in my 90 minutes Power Focus Time … what will you do in yours? This book is full of creative and interesting ways for you to spend your Power Focus Time … whatever else you do, finding time to focus on your business is probably definitely the most important part of your day.

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