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Maintaining A Great Work / Life Balance

  • Use your strengths: Always work on the tasks which uses your best abilities and outsource everything else. Focus on your strength. If a person does not master a task or does not have the abilities to do something efficiently, they should outsource those tasks to people who have those abilities.
  • Prioritize your time: Everyone has a list of tasks to do during one day; the person has to prioritize his / her tasks. The tasks should be prioritized and listed according to their urgency and importance. Tasks which are both urgent and important should be the top priority while the tasks with importance should be kept second on the list. The tasks which are urgent but not important should be second to last priority, and the tasks which are neither important nor urgent should be given least priority.
  • Know when your at your best: morning is the time when some people are at their most energized and fresh, for others it’s the afternoons or evening. Aim to do your high intensity and tough tasks when you are most alive and invigorated.
  • Book out some “you-time”: You must always make time in your life for the things you find most important to you be it family, work, kick-boxing, painting or whatever. Most of the people try to bury themselves in their work when faced with problems and crises. However, you should give yourself time, your health, family and your personal well-being demand your attention, and it must be arranged. You’ll be long dead before you know it, so enjoy your time on this planet. Work hard, play hard is often a great adage to go by.
  • Make a routine and stick to it: Timings should be followed without compromise. Stick to set work hours, set time off hours, set coffee breaks etc to ensure you do take a break from your work and keep your heath and mojo up.
  • Your health and rest must never be ignored for the sake of work.
  • Manage your time: Make a timetable or list of activities, use a computer or different software for this purpose. Also make a list of your leisure activities and family commitments, including birthdays, weddings and weekend getaways.
  • Workspace should work for you: The workspace you use is a place you spend most your time in, so it is necessary for you to make it comfortable and contains the right equipment you need within easy reach.
  • Get the right equipment: Do all you can to keep your health tip top. The equipment might include a comfortable chair, ergonomic keyboard, and proper arrangement of light so your eyes don’t feel strained.
  • Make your life easier by getting hands on technology: Technology has made lives easier for many people, but many people have also become slaves to it. One should always get used to the use of technology, for example, using Skype and video conferencing instead of driving and going to meetings by yourself.
  • Exercise is a must: A healthy body contains a healthy mind is a common saying which is every bit as true today as it’s always been. One should never miss gym sessions or yoga classes just because some work thing needs to get done by tomorrow. Your body needs your attention as much as your work does. What’s more exercise freshens up your mind so you can concentrate on your work better.
  • Do what you love and love what you do: If your work is also your hobby or the work you are doing is something you always wanted to do, then you are one lucky person.
  • Be realistic: Make a habit of doing a little self-analysis at the end of every day, look back at your routine during the day and realistically analyze your strengths, weaknesses, your right doings, and wrong doings. Try to avoid the mistakes you have made and learn from those mistakes.