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We know people learn in different ways so we have added a continuously growing store of VLOGS .

Most are only 1-3 minutes long so wherever you have 5 minutes spare grab a cuppa and top up your knowledge with our VLOG bank! 


Branding, The User Experience and AirBnB

In this quick video we will look at how Airbnb has created a superb user experience on their website and how they have put the customer at the very heart of everything they do.

Are you doing the same?

For F***S Sake Make Your Ads Interesting

In this video we will talk about why your ads probably look like every other ad in your trade or profession and why that just sucks.

Stand out from the crowd and be noticed, or you won’t be.

Seasons and Filling The Void

Don’t just sit there scratching your butt when things go a little quiet … fill the void with productive activities that will ensure your bottom line goes up up up.



The 5 Key Traits of Successful Businesses

This video we have put together to try and help you with what we here at BSH think are the top 5 ways to be successful. We sat round our meeting table one day and really hammered out a list and it was quite difficult to reduce it down to just 5, but in the end we all agreed on these 5 top key traits to be mega successful!



Don’t Aim to Satisfy Your Customers

Whoa there. Steady on cowboy! Did you just say DON’T aim to satisfy your customers? Have I got a screw loose or lost the plot?

Find out …. 



Becoming a Sales Manager

Or any other kind of manager for that matter. When you get promoted it is so difficult to manage those you have previously worked with on an equal level, but manage you must.

You are NOW a MANAGER …. 



Do You Need a CRM System Yet?

Excel, Access databases or just the good ol’ post-it note all work … to a point. Until it doesn’t work any more and you end up letting those you serve down.

Here are 5 ways you tell if you are ready to get a CRM system. If you are ready to get one, here are a few CRM systems we would recommend.

Key Traits of Great Sales People

Great sales people have a certain way of doing things … they follow a system that has been developed to help ensure they get the right result on the majority of quotations.

Here are just a few key traits of successful sales people.