Why Our Courses?

There’s Already Great Books, So Why Choose Us?

Do you want to run an awesome SME business full of great quality customers, get better at sales, run a much slicker business and make more money in your SME business?

There are many books out there, so why choose the courses from The Business Super Heroes?

  • We are not trying to help you become multi-squillionnaires. We don’t want that in our business and these courses are not aimed at those who do.
  • All our courses have exercises throughout them so you can solidify your knowldege
  • Our courses have been designed to be easy to read with lots of space for you to write notes as you go along. This is VITAL to your success!
  • It is all written in clear, easy to understand language
  • There is no BS and we will always be honest. If you want kid gloves, these are not the courses for you. If you want true and honest help, your business will grow with the Business Super Heroes!

Hi, my name is Paul Baker and I have written these courses for SME business owners to stop you making the mistakes I made … and I have made some howlers.

First I Really Bodged It Up …

I started in business in 2004, and the first few years were ok then it all went to pot. I had to take my business through insolvency which was just the worst time of my life.

Going bust caused so much heartache and it took me nearly 10 years to pay off all the debts I had accrued. My credit rating was shot to pieces, no one would lend me money, and I couldn’t get any credit from anyone just to survive.

The Turnaround

Now I’m out of the mire, on reflection going insolvent did me the world of good in my business because it made me focus on what was right and what wasn’t in my business.

Going insolvent made me learn what worked, and what didn’t. It made me realise so many things I thought to be true about business is utter nonsense. It made me realise business wasn’t a game.

Don’t make the mistakes I did, and with these courses you won’t. It was just a horrible time of my life and I want you to avoid making the mistakes I made.


One of the main problems with books is they just tell you what they tell you, they don’t give you the opportunity to build on what you’ve learned and apply it to your business. We’ve changed that. All our courses have exercises at strategic points so you can apply what you learn directly into your business. After all … if you can’t apply what you learn into your business, what’s the point?

We’ve Been Brainwashed

Many of us have been brainwashed into thinking to be a successful business owner we have got to want to be multi-millionnaires with hundreds of staff and locations all over the country, but I can’t think of anything worse.

I just want to make a great living with my SME business, go on nice holidays a few times a year, have a nice big pension pot and savings and provide a secure future for my family.

Because I don’t want to be a squillionnaire, these courses are not meant for people who do. They are written for SME business owners who want to keep it relatively small and controlled with just a handful of staff but still want to be mega profitable and lead an awesome life as an SME business owner.

We May Be Brutal

We know the consequences of getting it wrong first hand and it is dire. Getting your business wrong could be the most costly thing you ever do .. it could even cost you your home.

So huge we wont molly coddle you because that really doesn’t do you any good. We will give you the honest, brutal truths of business and we won’t sugar coat it. We want you to build a strong business built on solid foundations, not squidgy foundations built on lies and myths.

Myths Suck.

We will also smash the business myths which has caused so many businesses to go bust, like the customer is always right and the customer comes first. If you think that then you definitely need to read these courses to find out why that’s not true!

Myths like these are a major contributor to business failures. Don’t believe them.

We Guarantee You’ll Be Thrilled

All our courses come with 120 day guarantee so you can try them out with confidence and actually see them working in your business. If you are not happy just visit www.businesssuperheroes.org/refunds and let us know why you’re not happy and we will refund your money.

The Format Of The Courses

All our paper courses come in the same format, with extra wide margins on the side and bottom so you can make notes on the page. That’s what we want you to do as you work through these courses so as you work your way through the course get a pen a put tons of notes all over the page so you can refer to your notes with ease the next time you read the course.

If you get the courses as a paper copy this is easy; if you get the course as a PDF download then print it off at home.